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EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC’s mission is to catalyse systemic change through innovation in areas of human activity – cities, land use, sustainable production systems, finance - that have a critical impact on greenhouse gas emissions and to create climate-resilient communities and empowering people to change systems. EIT Climate-KIC aims to direct its efforts at systems innovation, working with ambitious actors to connect supply and demand while leveraging the power of its community to catalyse change. In this way, EIT Climate-KIC will work to unlock systemic change through strategic innovation – designing, executing and connecting entrepreneurial experiments and deep demonstrations selected and assessed as a portfolio of innovation effects on levers of systemic change. The aim of the partnership is to build a network of universities, businesses and research organizations providing solutions to mitigate or adapt to climate change and accelerate the market uptake of new solutions.


This  partnership of companies, scientific institutions and universities, city authorities and other EU public bodies working on innovation to mitigate climate change and to adapt to its unavoidable impacts was established in 2010.


Expected impacts (2027)

EIT Climate-KIC will have made a significant contribution to catalysing systemic change, and achieving net zero-GHG emissions and climate resilience in:

  • 20 European cities
  • 5 European agricultural regions
  • 5 European industrial regions
  • European financial institutions
  • 2 key climate-damaging material cycles.

The partnership website is here. An innovative hub for mediating information to Czech entities has not yet been established,


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