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Calling for evidence - Horizon 2020 Final Evaluation and Horizon Europe Interim Evaluation


As part of Horizon 2020 final evaluation, the European Commission is seeking feedback on the planned final evaluation report of Horizon 2020. The final report will analyse the outputs and impacts of the entire Horizon 2020 programme over the years 2014-2020. It is carried out to help implement current EU research and innovation measures and to design future ones.

Furthermore, The European Commission is calling for evidence on the planned interim evaluation of Horizon Europe. The interim evaluation aims to assess the first results of Horizon Europe’s research and innovation activities funded by the EU in 2021-2023.

Feedback can be submitted until July 29, 2022 at the links below:

A public consultation on the draft reports is planned for Q4 2022, with publication of the final version scheduled for 2023/2024.


Project-Based Remuneration Internal Guidelines template 


The Czech Legal and Financial NCPs have prepared a new template for Czech beneficiaries that can serve as a guide for the development of an organisation's internal rules for the payment of project based supplementary payment under the Horizon Europe programme. This document...

EARTO published Recommendations regarding the Evaluation & Pre-contractual Negotiations of Lump-sums


EARTO published Recommendations regarding the Evaluation & Pre-contractual Negotiations of Lump-sums EU Funded RD&I Projects. Position concerns mainly the issues of Horizon Dashboard on personnel costs for Lump-sums projects’ evaluations and personnel costs cuts...

New MSCA Financial Guide


European Research Executive Agency (REA) has published a new handbook, the so-called MSCA Financial Guide. The guide replaces MSCA-specific provisions in the Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA). The document covers all MSCA schemes. Using examples, it...

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