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Sources of Data and Information for FPs Evaluation

The basic source of information on the outputs of EU programmes is the part of the FTO portal called "Projects & Results".



Screenshot_2021-05-21 Projects Results.png


This section provides more information on the work done in the past and ongoing funded projects. The level of details provided varies across the programmes. Some programmes present interactive data on proposals, success rates, funded projects and participants, in addition to the list of funded projects.


Data on projects and participants in Framework programmes or on outputs from FPs projects can be found in several data sources:





  • Non-public database e-CORDA (External – COmmon Research DAta Warehouse) is database containing data on applicants/proposals and signed grants/beneficiaries with regards to a specific Framework Programme for Research. Processing and publication of data from this database is governed by Ref. Ares(2011)185152 - 18/02/2011 Confidentiality rules for Framework Programme data stored in CORDA and e-CORDA. The access to e-CORDA data is be provided to members of the Strategic Configuration of the Programme Committee, e-CORDA user group members and other Nationally Nominated e-CORDA users.



  • EU spending and revenue  - interactive chart showing the EU spending and revenue for the 2014-2020 period by year and by country.. This data source can be used to obtain data on the implementation of the Horizon 2020 budget.



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