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Czech Republic in Horizon Europe - current data as of 04/2023


The tables and figures present the basic outlines of the Czech Republic's participation in Horizon Europe so far. From these data, it can be emphasised that the Czech coordinators of Horizon Europe projects have made a significant contribution to the Czech Republic's participation in Horizon Europe so far. Czech coordinators form more than 20% of the Czech participation among the direct beneficiaries of financial contribution from the Horizon Europe budget from the Czech Republic and contribute to the overall national balance almost 45% of the total financial contribution to the Czech Republic from Horizon Europe. Only coordinators from Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and France bring a larger share to the overall national contribution from Horizon Europe. In contrast to the situation in H2020, the Czech Republic has been more successful in coordinating so-called RIA projects. This result is mainly due to Czech universities, as we have already analysed in detail in the blog "Wheels are turning: Czech universities are succeeding in coordinating European RIA projects". We have been monitoring the project coordination situation in detail in the blog "What does project coordination look like in Horizon Europe? Is the Czech Republic moving closer to the research developed EU countries?"



Figure 1 - Horizon EUROPE: Number of Participations of EU Countries and United Kingdoom


Table 1 - Participation of Czechia in HORIZON EUROPE


Figure 2 - Participation of Czechia in HORIZON EUROPE


Table 2- Number of Coordinated Projects and EU Contribution for Czech Coordinators


Figure 3 - Horizon EUROPE: Number of Coordinated Projects and EU Contribution for Czech Coordinators according to Types of Actions


Table 3 - HORIZON EUROPE: Number of Czech Coordinators in Individual Types of Actiones


Figure 4 - HORIZON EUROPE: Number of Coordinators in EU  Countries


Table 4 - Horizon Europe: EU Contribution for Czech Participants and Coordinators


Figure 5 - HORIZON EUROPE: Share of the EU Contribution for National Coordinators to the Total EU Cobtribution for Given Country

Author: Daniel Frank,, TC Prague


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