EIT InnoEnergy

The aim of the partnership is to build a sustainable and long-term operational framework between knowledge actors in the energy sector, support the energy transformation and decarbonisation of the European economy, in particular by supporting a new generation of talents, the emergence and implementation of innovative solutions, and the acceleration of innovative companies developing low-carbon solutions. The Community was established in 2010.


For 2021 – 2027 the main targets InnoEnergy partnership has defined for itself are:

  • 336 Mt CO2 saved
  • 9.627 M€ savings in energy costs
  • 469 TWh generated from clean energy sources
  • Enable 3.5 M people with access to energy in developing countries
  • 62,000 Direct and indirect jobs created
  • 3.760 M€ of sales generated by supported assets;
  • 2.520 M€ of external funds raised by supported companies


The partnership website is here. Contacts within the Czech Republic are mediated by the innovation hub EIT InnoEnergy managed by the DEX Innovation Centre. You can view the presentation with the offer of services and relevant contacts from 10 March 2021 here (Block 5).


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