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New MSCA Financial Guide


European Research Executive Agency (REA) has published a new handbook, the so-called MSCA Financial Guide. The guide replaces MSCA-specific provisions in the Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA).

The document covers all MSCA schemes. Using examples, it explains:

  • Categories of participants,
  • Rules and obligations related to the recruitment of researchers and secondment of staff,
  • Continuous and period reporting,
  • Eligibility of unit contributions,
  • Other aspects for management of MSCA projects, including possibilities of increasing the maximum grant amount, transfer of the grant agreement to another host institution in MSCA PF projects as well as eligibility of publication fees.


The European Commission published an updated Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe.


The European Commission has published a new version (version 1.2) of the General Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe. The new version is available on the Funding & Tenders Portal here. The update reflects a new option for beneficiaries in Horizon Europe and Euratom...

Questions and Answers on Horizon Europe: General, Personnel Costs, MSCA, and ERC


In March 2024, Czech legal and financial National Contact Points updated three documents with questions and answers from the European Commission on the financial and legal aspects of the Horizon Europe program. The updates include: In the general Q&As, a...

Guidelines on the responsible use of generative AI in research


The European Commission, together with countries and stakeholders represented in the ERA forum, has developed a set of recommendations for the European scientific community, designed to facilitate the responsible use of generative artificial intelligence tools, such as...

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