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Series of Workshops on Interim evaluation of Horizon Europe by Technopolis Group


As part of the interim evaluation study of Horizon Europe focusing on the activities contributing to the Digital and Industrial Transition, Technopolis Group and its consortium partners (AIT, Fraunhofer ISI, Science Metrix, OPIX, VVA) are organising a series of policy workshops on cross-cutting issues to the Horizon Europe programme, with a specific focus on Pillar II / Cluster 4 and the related European Partnerships. The scope of these four workshops is detailed below. They aim at discussing the preliminary findings of the evaluation, with the objective to contribute to shaping the main conclusions and suggestions for improvement on these four topics, with a selected set of stakeholders and EU officials. 

We believe that your contribution would be very valuable, and you are most welcome to register to one or several of these workshops depending on your topics of expertise. Please also do feel free to share this invitation to colleagues and/or relevant contacts within your networks that could also provide their expertise on those topics and contribute to shaping the output of this evaluation.

Policy Workshop on Valorisation, Dissemination & Exploitation and feedback to policy

  • Date: Monday, November 13th, 2023Time: 14:00-16:00 Registration link
  • Focus: The workshop will aim to discuss the measures that foster the valorisation, dissemination & exploitation of research results under Horizon Europe, and their evolution since H2020. It will foster a discussion on the extent to which these measures have the potential to enable the identification, capitalisation and transfer of good practices and results, to reach the targeted outcomes and impacts of the programme. It will also aim to address the feedback to policy processes steming from HE projects, and how these have been efficient to ensure evidence-based policy making. The workshop will foster a discussion on the key elements of success and failures and the actions that would be needed to maximise the exploitation of research results and the impact of Horizon Europe to contribute to the digital and industrial transition.

Policy Workshop on Synergies & dual use 

  • Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2023Time: 14:00-16:00 Registration link
  • Focus: The workshop is designed to explore and identify the factors that either facilitate or hinder the creation and development of synergies especially between Horizon Europe Cluster 4, including European Partnerships, with other EU programmes and initiatives (incl. Digital Europe programme, Space programme, etc.), as well as at the national/regional levels. In addition, a particular emphasis will be placed on dual use, and aims to understand the channels that can best facilitate the uptake of research results for widespread deployment across various EU programmes (including Defense and Space).

 Policy Workshop on Gender equality & ethical requirements 

  • Date: Thursday, November 16th, 2023Time: 14:00-16:00 - Registration link
  • Focus:  The workshop seeks to address the challenges and barriers related to the implementation of new requirements under Horizon Europe, specifically focusing on Gender Equality Plans (GEP) and ethical self-assessment within Cluster 4. It aims to delve into the effects of introducing GEP on organisational structures, the mainstreaming of research topics based on gender, and ensuring gender-balanced representation among participants. Additionally, the workshop will explore the implications of integrating ethical requirements, emphasising the prevention, identification, and mitigation of risks. Ultimately, the objective is to identify the factors that either hinder or facilitate the seamless integration of both gender and ethical dimensions within Cluster 4.

 Policy workshop on internationalisation & strategic open autonomy 

  • Date: Friday, November 17th, 2023Time: 10:00-12:00 - Registration link
  • FocusThe workshop is centered on understanding and evaluating the instruments available to safeguard Europe’s strategic autonomy, particularly their inclusion and application within Cluster 4. Furthermore, we aim to delve into the specific measures designed to foster internationalisation in pivotal areas with the association of third countries, balancing the need for open collaboration with the imperatives of strategic autonomy. Through this exploration, the objective is to foster a comprehensive approach that ensures Europe remains at the forefront of both international collaboration and self-reliant advancement.

Agenda and content: More information will be sent shortly to the registered participants, including detailed agendas that will foster an interactive discussion. As input to the workshops, the study team will circulate a summary of the key findings and guiding questions for the online session. By gathering researchers, experts, EU and national policymakers, project coordinators and other key stakeholders, we intend to discuss these insights, share best practices, and collaboratively contribute to shaping recommendations for the future of the programme.




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