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How to write an anonymous project proposal for "blind evaluation"?


With the Horizon Europe work programme 2023/24, the European Commission has launched the pilot for blind evaluations, based on the provisions of the Horizon Europe Regulation.

In all two-stage application procedures in 2023/24 calls for proposals in Clusters 1, 4 and 6,  the pre-proposal (stage 1) must be submitted anonymously so that the identiy of the applicants is not disclosed to the evaluators.

More information can be found in the online event here


New Dashboard on personnel costs in ERC AdG


This week, the ERC Dashboard was launched to assist experts in evaluating ERC Advanced Grant proposals in the Horizon Europe program and applicants in budget preparation. These projects are now funded as lump sums. The Dashboard focuses on personnel costs and provides a...

NEW Horizon Academy courses launched


As part of the NCP project Horizon Academy-NCP4HE, which involves over 30 organizations bringing together national contact points of the Horizon Europe program (including TC Prague), three new e-learning courses have been launched: Mastering Budget Preparation in...

Questions and Answers on Horizon Europe: General, Personnel Costs, MSCA, and ERC


In March 2024, Czech legal and financial National Contact Points updated three documents with questions and answers from the European Commission on the financial and legal aspects of the Horizon Europe program. The updates include: In the general Q&As, a...

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