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DELISA-LTO Euratom project- coordinated from the czech Republic


Author: Veronika Korittová

Type: Project Coordinators

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20 projects from the total of 29 of the first Horizon Europe Euratom call financed projects have participant from the Czech Republic.

DELISA-LTO, is coordinated from the Czech Republic by the Resarch Centre Řež.




With the coordinator of Cure4Aqua on the preparation and the implementation of the project



The project Cure4Aqua - Curing EU aquaculture by co-creating health and welfare innovations - coordinated by the Biology Centre CAS (Institute of Parasitology) was selected for funding in the Cluster 6 call focused on aquaculture. The project started its activities in November...

Preparing the PLUS Change project as seen by the coordinator


Author: Jana Čejková

The increase in the number of Horizon Europe project coordinators from Czech institutions is a trend that TC Prague is happy to follow and is trying to offer them a comprehensive range of services. Project PLUS Change – Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity,...

International Research Centre Focused on Environmental and Technology Ethics will be Established in the Czech Republic


Author: Jana Říhová a Petr Urban, Filosofický ústav AV ČR

In the Czech Republic, there is lack of systematic research on ethical problems related to climate change and the so-called emerging technologies. The situation is about to change thanks to the newly forming international research Centre for Environmental and Technology...

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