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Special issue of the journal Echo 1/2024



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The  topic of this special issue of the journal is an analysis of the Czech Republic's participation in the first third of the Horizon Europe programme. The content of the analysis, compiled from selected and updated analytical blogs published on the HE website over the past two years, focuses mainly on some temporal trends or specific characteristics of the Czech Republic's participation in this FP. Several analytical outputs present the Czech participation in Horizon Europe in the context of other European or national programmes supporting research, development and innovation. 

The published text below is a summary of the main findings of the analysis, which the authors consider important.


Feedback opportunity for Work programme 2025


The European Commission published main strategic orientations for the 2025 Horizon Europe Work programme covering: Clusters of the Pillar 2 Missions and Cross-cutting Activities European Innovation Ecosystems...

Czech Republic in the Horizon Europe Programme as of March 2024: More than 1,000 funded participations


As of 26 March 2024, the European Commission's eCORDA database recorded 1,056 funded participations for the Czech Republic in 768 Horizon Europe ("HE") projects. As of the same date, participants from the Czech Republic claimed a net EU contribution of €383 million. Among...

The European Commission published an updated Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe.


The European Commission has published a new version (version 1.2) of the General Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe. The new version is available on the Funding & Tenders Portal here. The update reflects a new option for beneficiaries in Horizon Europe and Euratom...

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