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Guidelines on the responsible use of generative AI in research


The European Commission, together with countries and stakeholders represented in the ERA forum, has developed a set of recommendations for the European scientific community, designed to facilitate the responsible use of generative artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT.

These tools are rapidly transforming a range of fields, including science, and their influence is expected to continue to grow. While they bring many undeniable benefits, it is also necessary to be aware of their limitations and the challenges they pose.

The guide created is the result of collaborative work and aims to unify different ideas and set directions for those who use AI in science. The guide supports the adoption of generative AI in the scientific community while considering the need for a responsible approach.

The guide will be regularly updated to reflect the rapid technological development in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Commission calls on the scientific community to contribute their views and ideas on how to improve future versions of the guide through a feedback form.


The European Commission published an updated Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe.


The European Commission has published a new version (version 1.2) of the General Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe. The new version is available on the Funding & Tenders Portal here. The update reflects a new option for beneficiaries in Horizon Europe and Euratom...

Questions and Answers on Horizon Europe: General, Personnel Costs, MSCA, and ERC


In March 2024, Czech legal and financial National Contact Points updated three documents with questions and answers from the European Commission on the financial and legal aspects of the Horizon Europe program. The updates include: In the general Q&As, a...

The European Commission paves the way for unit personnel costs in Horizon Europe and Euratom


The European Commission has adopted a decision allowing beneficiaries of Horizon Europe and Euratom projects to now claim personnel costs in the form of unit costs. This new option is reflected in the updated MGA.  Unit costs serve as an alternative to the actual...

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